frequently asked questions

how do you protect the privacy of my images?

While doing some sort of online proofing gallery is industry standard for lots of different types of photography, beauty and boudoir can be more sensitive in nature. We don't want to store your images anywhere online, leaving them vulnerable to being hacked and exploited by anyone but you. We take your privacy seriously, so the in-person photo reveal takes care of this!

The images on your website are very tasteful and pretty, but what if I wanted to get a little

Get it, girl! On the scale from 1-10 on the "erotic" meter, my style is more of a 3.2. What you see on my website and on my social media feeds is a very accurate representation of what I offer in the "saucy" department. I will shoot an array of clothed, partially clothed, tasteful nudes, exposed breasts and bums but no pelvic area will be visible in any of my work and that is a firm policy. While I can certainly appreciate more erotic art, it just isn't what I offer. So if you love what you see on the website, I'm your girl.

how much can you edit out?

This is a touchy subject, but I stick to my gut (no pun intended) on this one. We WILL edit out minor blemishes/skin flaws as well as things like under-eye circles, wrinkles and small scars. (IF you request the scar-removal). My main rule of thumb is, if it’s permanent, it stays. Many women ask about the retouching of stretch marks and cellulite. While we firmly believe that these are a part of your story and therefore are beautiful, we do also understand many women’s aversion to their own. Our standard skin smoothing process will fade the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite, but please be sure to request more or less at your photo shoot appointment if you have a different preference. My post-processing techniques are more focused on contrast, skin smoothing, sharpening, etc, rather than body morphing although I may puff out your tushie just a touch to get a perfectly peachy derriere!

How do you provide 100% discretion?

First of all, I doubt that anyone seeing your Boudoir By Skye photos would result in anything other than "DANG GIRL, YOU LOOK AMAZING!". My shoot style, if you haven't noticed, is VERY classic, beautiful, and more about the empowerment of woman than oversexed or something to be embarrassed about. HOWEVER, I can TOTALLY understand if you don't want your images shared with the public! You can rest absolutely assured that your images will never be shared without your permission. If you are coming in from out of town to shoot with me and an in-person viewing is not possible, we will make other accommodations for you for a long distance viewing that is still secure. In the event that you are super awesome and proud of your images and do permit me to use them on my blog and website, your real name will not be used and I will NEVER tag you on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. I am always happy to sign NDA's should you need one from me because of your profession or public visibility.

how will i view/select my images?

Boudoir By Skye is proud to offer in-person (or remote for out-of-state clients) photo reveal and ordering appointments a few weeks after your photo session. We do this for a host of reasons….. First, for your convenience. We've gotten REALLY good at our little system for helping clients decide between images and assisting clients with getting great variety for albums and the perfect wall art pieces. Because we do show a LOT of killer images, it can be overwhelming to navigate on your own and we don't want our customer service to stop at the photo shoot. The in-person photo reveal is much appreciated by our clients and is our favorite part of the whole process!

how do i see my photos if I am out of state?

Many of our clients travel in from out of state for their sessions, and it just wouldn't be practical for them to come back in for their photo reveal appointment a few weeks later. We have a little work-around for this and can do a live photo reveal via Google Hangout screenshare. It's a bit less theatrical than our in-person viewings, but it is a great back-up option for those who cannot return without having to store any of your images online.

can i have someone with me at my session?

Sometimes your best friend is exactly what you need to calm your nerves and give you the reassurance you need to get started with your session! I don’t mind at all if there is one friend with you! I DO ask that the friend not interfere with the shoot (running in to “touch you up” in between every shot, directing your posing, etc) as I will handle anything along those lines that needs done. I do not allow any more than 1 friend in the room with you. Also, it is a requirement of mine that boyfriends/husbands/spouses NOT be in the room while we are shooting. That’s a firm policy.

on which days of the week can i have my photo session?

We accept shoots 5 days a week, Monday through Friday. (I will shoot on a Saturday for special occasions but there is an increased price difference)

What should i do to prepare?

The beauty of being a Boudoir By Skye client is, all of these questions are answered in COMPLETE detail for you in the Prep Guide which is emailed to you shortly after booking your session. This will cover exactly how you should prepare your face, body, and mind for your photo shoot. No question will remain unanswered. I pride myself on offering a photo shoot EXPERIENCE to my expect a very informed process that involves a lot more instruction than just showing up to shoot and being done with it.

Do you Photograph men?

Nope. I know what I'm good at, and posing men is just not my background or specialty. I'm always happy to offer referrals to other photographers, though! I will also make an exception for my husband (will someone please convince him to let me shoot him again!?!)

Will you use my images on your website/blog/portfolio?

I, of course, would LOVE to use images from our session together to show other women your amazing photos! HOWEVER, I also completely understand if you might be uncomfortable to share them. That said, I will not share unless you grant permission. The bottom line is: I will honor whatever level of privacy you would like. Many clients are so proud of their images that they give me full discretion to choose images for my portfolio, some clients prefer that only their faceless images be put in my gallery, some clients prefer to choose the images that are posted, and other clients are comfortable with anything being posted, as long as it’s after a certain date (after they gift the images). Just let me know where you stand on the topic and I will honor your wishes!

But I don't see my question listed?

No problem! Get in touch using the contact button below and I'd be glad to answer anything you might be curious about.